Khloe Kardashian Dishes On All of Her Sister's Weird Diet Habits

Khloe Kardashian Dishes On All of Her Sister's Weird Diet Habits
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Would you believe that there is anything left on the planet that you don't already know about the Kardashian clan? You're probably skeptical but we just got some tasty tidbits about the Dash Diva diet habits by peeping Khloe's Lifestyle and Fitness blog You may have suspected that each of the super svelte sisters was on the same strict eating plan, but you would have been mistaken! Khloe, Kim, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie all have their own idea of what to put into their bodies, and some of the crap they eat might surprise you!


Kim has lost a whopping 70 lbs since the birth of her son Saint West. How did she do it? Kim completely cut sugar but continues to eat plenty of protein and even dairy. She mixes her diet with plenty of cardio like boxing and Barry's Bootcamp!


As we all know from the show, KUWTK, Kourtney is a bit obsessed with keeping things organic. Don't expect to find any processed foods in her cabinet or around her children! She has also shifted her focus to amping up her workouts with sister Khloe and she's looking fierce as f**k!


It's no shocker that Kendall found her way to the modeling industry because her shape is more traditionally waifish and modelesque. But you know what is a shocker, Khloe outed Kendall as loving her fast food. Apparently the 2 sisters can be seen hitting up In N' Out on the regs. But only on Khloe's cheat day of course!


Remember people, Kylie is still a teenager so don't hate her too much when you find out how much junk she eats. She is the queen of Ramen noodles and basically eats whatever she wants.  I guess she's just genetically blessed, no big surprise there!


And finally Khloe! Girl has been putting in the work as of late and it definitely shows. She has limited her intake of dairy and curbed her junkfood habit. She's currently very strict with her diet and we all know her workouts are cray! Basically she's killin' it with diet and exercise and if you ask us, the results are astounding. She always looked great, but the hard work definitely payed off!

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