Welcome to Da (Wine) Club Fab Gabbers!

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Is there anything better than pulling out a couple of bottles of wine and spending the evening gabbing with your girls? If you're anything like us over here at The Fab Gab, the answer is obviously no!

But let's be honest, shopping for wine can get expensive because it's never just one glass with friends, it's more like one bottle per person and as the night goes on you find yourself hunting through your cabinets for hidden bottles you had previously put away for a special occasion! We know you and your girls have expensive taste and 2 Buck Chuck just isn't going to cut it anymore, but you're not trying to spend a fortune on vino just to keep the juicy talk flowing. 

Because of this common dilemma amongst like-minded females, and because NeNe looooves a good bargain, we decided to start The Fab Gab Wine Club!

Here's the deal. Click on this link for an exclusive membership deal for all Fab Gab wine lovers. Then all you have to do is answer a few questions about your taste preferences and we will customize a perfect selection to your palette and send you high-end wines from all around the world at a fraction of the original price.

Here's all you gotta do:

  • Click the link.
  • Answer taste preference questions.
  • Sit back while the wine magic is worked.
  • Pick any 3 bottles from the featured selection or skip the questions and mix and match your favorites from the huge selection.
  • You can also impress your friends by bumping up your wine knowledge with flavor notes, vinyard backstories, and food pairing ideas that come with each bottle. (You know you wanna make those ladies jealous of your wine knowledge.)

And yes, shipping is free and you'll end up with $45 worth of wine for only $26. We know you're going to be spending cash on bottles anyway, might as well get more holla for your hard earned dolla!

And now you and your friends can get back to doing what you do best. Pouring wine, clinking glasses, and finding out all the hottest gossip going on in your circle because we all know the more we imbibe, the looser our lips get...

Welcome to The Fab Gab Wine Club, where we want you to be able to drink fancy, for cheap!

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