Resounding #LoveTrumpsHate Protests Continue to Fill City Streets Nationwide

Resounding #LoveTrumpsHate Protests Continue to Fill City Streets Nationwide

The country spoke on election day and the Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump was victorious, but that doesn't mean that progressives and liberals everywhere are going to sit still and accept it. Insane amounts of protesting has filled the city streets from Portland, Oregon to NYC to the freeways of Downtown Los Angeles all espousing the same battle cry; Love Trumps Hate. 

Many activists, young and old alike are not ready to bow their heads in defeat. They have taken to the streets to voice their displeasure at the election's outcome, raising signs and fists, but most of all their voices. 

The enthusiastic group of protesters are making their voices heard all across the USA. One of the most amazing sights to behold, a group of people engaging in their right to peaceful assembly to stand up against the outcome of this divisive election, which many people believe has uncovered the deep-seated hatred, bigotry and sexism that still dwells deep in our country's roots. 

Why are these protests happening? Because citizens are incredibly anxious about the possibility of losing so much due to this impending presidency. Women protest their ownership of their reproductive rights as men chorus in resounding agreement. 

Anyone and everyone who stands in solidarity against racism, hate-speech, anti-semitism, misogyny and mocking the disabled can understand why these protests are taking place and have been going strong since election day.

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